Think for yourself. Live for the world.

These two short sentences really sum up what Christian Science is all about, and they are what welcome you to the website for young people and young thinkers who want to learn more about Christian Science and their relationship to God — Youth Focus. There’s a special page just for younger kids, too! Check it out at Younger Kids Youth Focus.

Christian Science is for thinkers — people of all ages who think for themselves, and not just follow the crowd. Jesus loved children for their clear, trusting thought, and he knew that children can change the world for good. In his well-known Sermon on the Mount, he said “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” (The Bible: Matthew, Chapter 5)

Would you like to learn more about God and your relationship to him? Check out a Christian Science Sunday School in many cities throughout BC. If you live outside BC, you can find a Christian Science Sunday School in your home area here. If there aren’t any Sunday Schools near you, you can also check out the Online Sunday School, where you can join with other young people throughout the world in a virtual Sunday School.

There are also activities for Christian Science Sunday School students right here in BC — an awesome summer camp on Bowen Island called Camp Bow-Isle, and active programs through DiscoveryBound — you can get to know other young Christian Scientists and have a lot of fun, too!