Christian Science Nurses

What do Christian Science Nurses do?

Christian Science nurses help individuals who need skillful physical assistance, while relying on Christian Science treatment for healing. Firmly grounded in Christian Science themselves, Christian Science nurses help foster a healing atmosphere and help people function as normally as possible while healing progresses. The care they provide can include such things as helping people bathe, preparing special modified foods, bandaging, and helping people who need assistance to move about.

Christian Science nurses do not diagnose, administer drugs, or provide any sort of physical therapy or other medical treatment.

Christian Science Nurses in BC

Deidre Hill, Langford
250-474-4278 (leave message)

Caroline Holm*, Victoria
(250) 686-6607

Marcia Carter Marzovilla*, Victoria
(250) 721-5188

Allyson Shone*, Maple Ridge
(778) 887-3231

Marcia ten Holder
(250) 580-6028

Margit Waterman*, Victoria
(250) 477-6397

Faye Winchester, Victoria
(250) 858-0781

Dean Wolfe*, Victoria
(778) 440-5406

* – listed in The Christian Science Journal
All others listed work in a Christian Science Care Facility, Wayside House