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Defund the Mounties? Native peoples call for changes to Canada’s policing

Today the RCMP is the main police force in the northern, western, and Maritime provinces, and often the only law enforcement in rural and remote communities. And while they have faced scandals for decades, they’ve been under intense pressure in recent months, first for their handling of Canada’s worst-ever massacre in Nova Scotia in April, and then as the international protests over police discrimination increased. Ms. Moore’s and Mr. Levi’s deaths became emblematic in the Black Lives Matter protests across Canada.

By Moira Donovan Correspondent
Sara Miller Llana Staff writer
The Christian Science Monitor, January 25, 2021

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Troubled waters: Why a clash over crustaceans is roiling Canada

Commercial fishers and many in the tightknit communities where lobstering is the backbone of the economy say it’s unfair that the Mi’kmaq are fishing outside the regular season, citing a decline in the population of the species as their prime concern. Indigenous fishers and their allies counter that this is yet another example of racism and an inability of Canadians and their government to enforce their legal rights.

By Sara Miller Llana Staff writer, The Christian Science Monitor, Dec 7 2020

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Why Canadians are fuming at footloose politicians

It’s not the first time politicians here have lost moral authority on their pandemic response. But this has touched a particular nerve because of how high the stakes feel at the start of 2021. As the New Year arrived, with hopes of vaccines and putting the lockdowns of 2020 behind, Canada is in the middle of a second wave that far eclipses the first.

By Sara Miller Llana Staff writer, The Christian Science Monitor, Jan 8 2021

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From snowy Yukon, a Punjabi dance warms Canadian hearts

On the winter solstice last month, in a bright blue sweater, an orange turban, and brown snow boots, Mr. Pandher posted a new video of himself doing what he calls a “happy dance”: arms raising to the sky, knees as high as they go, and the broadest of smiles. To his followers, he wrote on Twitter: “If you see winter blues in the coming weeks, kick them away with some dance moves!”

By Sara Miller Llana Staff writer, The Christian Science Monitor, January 12, 2021
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