Sunday School

BC Christian Science Sunday Schools currently offering on-line Sunday School

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Christian Science Sunday Schools, both in person, and online, welcome students up to twenty years old. Lessons from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, are planned to suit each age group.

Instruction for the younger classes focuses on The Ten commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Sermon on the Mount as well as many Bible stories.

Older classes explore the practicality of prayer and its effect on their lives. These classes often, through questions and answers, draw ideas from the Weekly Bible Lesson found in the Christian Science Quarterly.  The teaching in Christian Science Sunday Schools is done in accord with The Manual of The Mother Church.

Resources for Sunday School

Stories of Healing: Jesus and his Followers   $39.99 USD

New Product: Ages 8 and up:

Written in clear, direct, accessible language, and filled with beautiful, historically informed, full-color illustrations, maps, glossaries, a bibliography, and an index, Stories of Healing is an engaging and inspiring tribute to Jesus’ healing legacy.

This book retells each of Jesus’ and his followers’ healings from the Bible. It also contains historical information, definitions, and insights into Jesus’ ministry. A special section of recent healings attests to the vitality and relevance of Christ-healing today. An extensively revised and expanded edition of four previously published books: (Jesus’ Healings, parts 1-3, and New Testament Healings), it has been fully redesigned to be more engaging and interactive. It reflects the most recent Bible scholarship, and for the first time is available in a single volume.

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Meet the Master

Bible scholar Elaine Follis explores who Jesus really was as well as other aspects of his ministry in a five part series called “Meet the Master.” (Recommended for Sunday School teachers and Sunday School students ages 11-17)

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The Beatitudes Podcasts

In this 9 part podcast series, Bible scholar Barry Huff and former Christian Science lecturer Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn take a closer look at the Beatitudes, exploring their biblical roots and practical healing applications. (Recommended for Sunday School teachers and Sunday School students ages 11-14)

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